Sporting Clays

Member: $40
Non-Member: $53

Price per 100 targets

Sporting clays is a type of “clay pigeon” shooting and is like a golf course for shotgunners. While trap and skeet shooting generally take place from a fixed position, sporting clay courses are approximately a mile in length. These courses are set up with multiple shooting stations to give you a variety of shooting experiences. This means they are designed to simulate upland game bird hunting. For example, stimulates the unpredictability of live bird shooting with a variety of angles, speeds, elevations, distances, and target sizes.


Silver Creek Sporting Club features year-round sporting clays with a 28 station course. The course runs along a beautifully wooded creek bed that offers many types of terrain, which is sure to challenge all levels of shooters.


Stations are placed along a winding path that follows the creek bed and can be reached by both foot or golf cart. With our fully automated system, you can enjoy our course as a single shooter or in a group. At Silver Creek Sporting Club we are committed to keeping our course updated so that your experience is different, challenging and enjoyable every time you visit.


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